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Studyworks will tailor an ACT, SAT or PSAT/NMQST prep course to the needs of your teen members and your organization. Classes will be held at your location, and you pick the dates, times and pricing structure (see the two below options). If these options don’t work for your group we will happy to submit a customized proposal upon request.    

Option 1:

Cost $450 per student* and includes:

20 hour comprehensive prep course for the ACT, SAT and/or PSAT/NMQST

Two practice exams

One free tuition student is awarded for every five full paid students.

Note: This option tends to be a better choice if the sponsoring organization does not plan on contributing to the cost of the program. The program can be offered throughout the community and the sponsoring organization can use the free tuition awards for their members.

Option 2:

Cost $5000 for a class of up to 20 students:

Comprehensive prep course for the ACT, SAT and/or PSAT/NMQST

Two practice exams

Note: This option tends to be more cost effective if the sponsoring organization intends to contribute to the cost of the program. With the flat fee option, the cost per student can be as low as $250. This option also provides the sponsoring organization the choice of charging a lower fee for their members with a larger fee to non-members. Also, a common approach with this option is for the sponsoring organization to collect money/donation based on a family's ability to pay with the intention of covering the difference should their collection efforts fall short.

All Courses include:

·          Studyworks SAT Workbook and CollegeBoard "Official SAT Study Guide"

·          Detailed course evaluation reports from all participating students upon request

·          Unlimited access to our SAT Prep Self Study online program**

·          Discounted prices on our private tutorials

·          $99 retake course***

*A minimum of 10 full paying students will be needed to run each course.

**The Studyworks Virtual Classroom (include link) Value of $195

*** Retake courses are only available at our existing locations (include link) or via our “LIVE” online course (include link). 

Please note:

Studyworks will assist with marketing efforts upon request.

Your organization is responsible for providing the location free of charge.

Additional options available per request

References available upon request

Request a "Class on Campus"

If you prefer to speak with someone please call 1-800-783-1728 and ask for the Community Outreach department.

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