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Why your Employees/Members need Studyworks?

The college admissions process is becoming more competitive everyday. That’s why higher test scores on standardized exams are more important than ever. So, whether your employees and/or their children are preparing to attend college for the first time, or returning for an advanced degree, Studyworks will help them gain admission and earn financial aid.

  • Higher test scores improve a student’s chances of being accepted into the college of their choice.
  • Higher test scores will improve a student’s chances of being awarded merit based aid.
  • Higher test scores are often a determining factor in the awarding of privately funded scholarships.

Higher test scores equal better opportunities and more money in your pocket.

The question shouldn’t be “Why should I take a prep course?” it should be “Why would I not take a prep course?”    


What services are available?

Studyworks prep programs are available for all employees and family members, regardless of their particular location. We offer a variety of services, including “At Home Study Aids”, “local classes and private tutoring” and our most popular program, which is the Studyworks “LIVE” web classes and private tutoring. Studyworks “LIVE” offers all the benefits of a local prep course in the luxury of your own home or office. With flexible schedules and the latest web conferencing technology, Studyworks provides 100% LIVE instruction in a real-time interactive environment your employees and their families can access from anywhere in the world.  Click the applicable link to the right to learn more:

How do we participate in the program?

Simply complete the application form below. We will contact you within 24 hours with your specific company/organization discount code. Your employees/members will use this code to receive 30% off any service or product. If you prefer to speak with someone please call 1-800-783-1728 and ask for the Employee Benefits department. 

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